from the bar



tap beer

quickdraw pale ale 4.5%  8.5

The most recent collaboration from my good friends Daryl ‘Quickdraw’ McGraw and Master Brewer Bruce Peachey –  judged 2016’s best Pale Ale, it is an easy drinking style with notes of honey and citrus

hairy hop sherrif xpa 5.0%  8.5

Quickdraw Brewing’s latest beer delivers plenty of floral aromatics – it’s double hopped but like all QD beer, it’s so easy to drink

young henrys real ale 4.0%  8.5

Since 2012 Young Henrys have been brewing an eclectic range of beers from their brewery in Newtown.  Their Real Ale is a New World take on an Old World Best Bitter – packed with flavour and finishes with a lingering toffee and caramel notes.

bridge road robust porter 5.2%  9.0

A great winter brew – delivering big notes of chocolate and mocha through their use of roasted barley and chocolate malt. Bridge Road Brewing’s Robust Porter is spilling over with flavour yet easy drinking

bottled beer & cider

barossa apple cider 5.0%  8.0

corona 4.5%  8.0

asahi 5.0%  8.0

heineken 5.0%  8.0

wingman lager 4.5%  8.0

coopers pale ale 4.5%  8.0

white rabbit dark ale 4.9%  9.0

o’briens gluten free lager 4.5% 9.0

coopers mild ale 3.5% 7.5

cascade premium light 2.6%  6.5




classic cocktails

negroni 18
gin, campari & sweet vermouth

amaretto sour 18
disaronno, lemon juice & egg white

martini 18   
gin & dry vermouth

margarita 18
silver tequila, lime juice & cointreau

old fashioned 18
bourbon, bitters & an orange twist

french martini 18
vodka, chambord & pineapple juice

new york sour 18
bourbon & lemon topped with merlot

tom collins 18
gin, lemon juice & soda

cosmopolitan 18
vodka, cointreau, cranberry & lime juice

mojito 18
white rum, mint, lime & soda


rigby cocktails

the RIGBY 18
house made spiced red wine syrup, fresh strawberries, citrus & ice, blended

rumtea 18
dark rum with our herbaceous black tea syrup, apple juice & citrus

dan’s special 18
vodka, grapefruit, cointreau & citrus

jimmy jam 18
muddled blackberry & mint with jameson & lemon, topped with soda

gin’s rose 18
rosewater & rhubarb syrup, gin, aperol & a slight hit of citrus

RIGBY espresso martini 18
our take on the classic                           

sugar daddy 18
baileys, kahlua, butterscotch & cream

jesse’s special 18
gin, cucumber water & elderflower

strawberry chill 18
muddled basil & strawberries, vodka & lemonade

pimm’s diablo 18
pimms, silver tequila, triple sec & lime, topped with ginger ale


NB. Cocktails change regularly